My Go-To Night Out Makeup Look

Impromptu night-outs are always great, but getting ready is always my favorite part of the night. Though when I'm short on time, I always rely on what I know best.

Glowy Skin and a Bronze eye are always my go-to, and I also feel like this compliments anyone and everyone! To top it all off, a pair of lengthening and semi-dramatic lashes are always a must.

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Review: Origins Ginzing Ultra-Hydrating Energy-Boosting Cream

When it comes to moisturisers or skin care as a whole, I tend to stick to what I know and love which is usually Soap & Glory's 'For Daily Youth' moisturiser, which seems to constantly be out of stock?!. As the weather gets colder and my skin gets more dry, I find myself being forced to find another moisturiser that balances out my skins moisture levels without breaking me out.  These breakouts may have been caused by another moisturiser I was trying *ahem* (Olay Beauty Fluid! shock horror).

REVIEW | Bare Minerals BAREPRO Liquid Foundation SPF20 - Sandstone 16

BareMinerals have done it! They've launched a liquid matte foundation and as a fan of their Original mineral foundations, I had to get my hands on this bad boy, too.  It promises 24-hour wear, a matte finish with a medium to full coverage, with 'good-to-skin' ingredients such as bamboo stem and papaya extract, which won't clog the pores. I worked for the company for 3 years and honestly, I saw some total hits and misses with new product launches, but overall the company had always strived to create products that are as natural and mineral-based as possible. They were great at training the staff about each new product and this is the first time I'm reviewing the product without the training, but it'll be based purely on my first impressions! 


Im sure everyone and their mother has heard of this product as it has been such positively praised on the bloggersphere, but did it really work for me? Heres the 411 on my skin; I am someone with pretty normal-dry skin, but unfortunately I suffer with the occasional breakout every once in a while. Though through December and January, I pretty much had a breakout every single day - you know... the type of breakout that has its own pulse and gets super red (wah! thank God that phase is over).
  I know I'm pretty late hopping on this bandwagon as the product has been around for a little over a year, but as mentioned, over the winter my skin had some serious breakouts and I took so many precautions when using new skincare products.